2016 Jamestown (NY) Audubon Nature Photography Contest


nature-photography-2016Part of Jamestown Audubon’s mission is to connect people with nature. The photo contest helps us fulfill that mission in two ways. The photographer connects with nature while making images and the viewer becomes inspired to connect with nature by seeing the images.

The purpose of the contest is to give photographers an outlet to share their work and have it judged, while at the same time inspiring others to connect with nature and raising money to support the work of the Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Jamestown, New York.

*2 Divisions – Youth (ages 8 to 18, or still in high school) and Adult (age 18 or older, or out of high school)
*4 Categories – Landscapes, Plants (includes trees, fungi, lichens, mosses, etc.), Wildlife (animals in their natural habitats), and (NEW!)  Jamestown Audubon Nature Center (photos taken in the building or on the grounds that exemplify the Nature Center experience)
* 8 winners

The contest is open to photographers from around the world ages 8 and over. Contestants must be able to prepare digital files according to the guidelines below, fill out an online entry form which includes uploading the photograph files, and pay an entry fee of $10 per photo. Contestants must also have access to a valid email address for communication with contest officials.

Entry Fee
$10 per photo

Image Specifications
Files must be in JPG format.  Any aspect ratio is acceptable, but please size the file so that the longest dimension is 1500 pixels and set the quality to “high.” This should result in a file that is 600-900 KB.

Filenames MUST include your name and category:

For example:  if your name is Joe Smith and you are submitting a photo of a tiger, you might name your file:


DO NOT send files with your camera’s default filename!

In order to ensure anonymous judging, please include no signatures or watermarks that would reveal the name of the photographer on the photo itself.

It is VERY time-consuming to organize photos for the judges.  PLEASE follow these guidelines or we may be forced to refuse your entry.  Thank you!

The deadline to submit is midnight (Eastern Time), Thursday, June 30, 2016.

Prizes & Recognitions
There will be 1 prize per division per category – a total of eight (8) prizes. Each winner will receive:

  • Cash Prize: $100
  • Photos of winners and finalists will be displayed on website along with the photographer’s name and city/state/country.
  • Jamestown Audubon will make prints of the winning photographs to display at the Nature Center


Copyright & Usage Rights
The photographer retains full copyright to his or her images. However, participation in the contest requires the contestant to give Jamestown Audubon permission to use the photographs without compensation on the Contest Website as well as on other Jamestown Audubon websites and in news releases which may appear in print or on third party websites for the purpose of publicizing the contest. Jamestown Audubon will always include the photographer’s name when using a photograph for any purpose.

Contest page: http://www.jasphotocontest.com/

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