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Alternative process photography today is a hybrid of historical techniques and contemporary ideas. Old is new again and the resurgence of non-silver processes has led to The Kiernan Gallery’s second alternative process exhibition. Whether it is in reaction to digital, or a hybrid process aided by the technology, these techniques remain as evocative as ever, bringing a unique style to present-day ideas. For Methods (Alternative), The Kiernan Gallery seeks images that use any alternative processing technique for any idea you wish to express. Juried by Christopher James.

Eligibility: Photographic media may include but is not limited to: 

Albumen, Bromoil, Cyanotype, Daguerreotypes, Gum Bichromate, Platinotypes, Salt Prints, Temeraprints, Tintypes, Wet Plate Collodion. Hybrid or Combination images incorporating conventional (including digital) processes with hand-crafted applications are also eligible.  Conventional techniques such as Silver Gelatin, Digital, and C-prints are not eligible.


Entry Fee: $25

Image Specifications: 

All digital files should be provided as:


  • JPGs
72 ppi

  • sRGB

  • Image width not to exceed 1500pixels on the longest side and at least 1024.
  • Files should be titled as LastName_FirstName_01Title.jpg. The number should correspond with the number on the submission form. No non-alpha-numeric characters.

Deadline: December 15, 2012



For this exhibition, juror Christopher James will select up to 30 images for display in the main gallery, and up to an additional 40 to be included in the online gallery. All images will be reproduced in an exhibition catalogue available for purchase. A Juror’s Choice and Director’s Choice will also be announced and both winners will receive a free copy of the catalogue. 

Copyright: Artists retain all copyright to their work.

Usage rights: Artists retain full rights to their work. By submitting to The Kiernan Gallery, artists grant the use of selected images for the purpose of marketing the gallery and subsequent display on this website.


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  1. Suwannee says:

    I want to see that some day. It’s a great shot.I must be either brave or suitpd to throw my amateurish photos in here with the big dogs. I’m thinking of taking your next eclass if I can work it out.

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