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My mom has what sounds like a midwest accent, even though she's lived her whole life in Southern California. How can you train to be called as the Slayer? The Season 8 one-shot comes out in December. And there are parts of her work that bother me quite a bit, most notably her proportional depictions. She'd never knew her friend to be so Oh, oh, not the dress.
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Buffy and Kendra did agree to separate. If he had been calling someone a slut in literally every other chapter in the first book it'd be way harder to like him, but I had five years before that point. Then her wet panties were being peeled away. The not-right-sitting things may not have been intended by the writers, but they're still there , being unfortunate. And if it sells a few dozen extra issues of the comic, good on them. I believe that Willows weird stance and proportions are due to this this weird 'bonding' thats going on.
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Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S02E10 – What’s My Line, Part Two |

I saw some signs before this, but I have to agree he shows some personality for once. I didn't have a problem with the neck. She shot her left hand to her swollen breasts, stroking her fingers across the tender, dark nipples. I've wanted you for a long time. A man had his wife or girlfriend, Buffy didn't know, it could have been hooker, bent over an arm of the couch. I'm one of the 5th generation ones, and I got teased a lot for that accent, so pretty much the only time you hear my natural, Southern sounding accent is when I'm really, really peeved.
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I wondered why Kendra said she learned it from Buffy. The back line of her neck should be sloping down somewhere close behind her ear at this angle, but instead it keeps on going back. I believe that Willows weird stance and proportions are due to this this weird 'bonding' thats going on. I'm not saying it doesn't happen in other comics because it does but I am saying that it's still sexist and I can't ignore it just because the artist is talented. Shaavyl rabhtu, gur punenpgre vg unf ZR guvaxvat bs, cnegvphyneyl fvapr V'ir frra gur pbzcnevfba qenja, vf Fbxxn, jub V guvax va n ahgfuryy jnf zber flzcngurgvp, shaavre, naq unq n orggre nep va yrff guna unys gur frnfbaf. And she geeks out with Giles.
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