taboo-photography-contest-2015Taboo is an open call for artwork which sparks thoughtful investigation on taboos. Works submitted can take into account prevailing taboos, wherever and however they are experienced, geographically or culturally, or give a sense of how and why transitions to new forms of consideration and acceptance are given with taboos. 

Finalist works will be chosen by the directors of Galleria Poggiali & Forconi, who will be hosting the final exhibition in their two spaces in Florence, Italy, 15-30 March 2016. This is an opportunity to show your artwork and work alongside one of Italy’s top art galleries. Prize winners will be chosen by the finalist artists themselves in a secret vote which will be held on the exhibition’s opening night in March 2016.


all photographers and artists without limit of age or experience.

Entry Fee 

20 € single work – 70 € for a project with 10 images

Image Specifications

It’s in your interest to upload images in png (optimised for web) or jpg with minimum 2500 px on the longest side.


5th December 2015


5,000€ cash prizes

Copyright, and usage rightsEvery artist or person submitting images to Taboo retains copyright of the works, images and texts he or she uploads, but gives Celeste Network the authority to use indefinitely the same above mentioned visual and textual materials for communication and promotion purposes only; to create the catalogue or other promotional material, and to use in Celeste Network’s websites. Artists who submit works to Taboo declare and accept that they are the authors of the images they upload and possess all rights to use these images in the competition and onsite in Celeste Network. Artists or persons uploading images of artwork guarantee that they have received permission and authorization, as required by law, from persons either represented in their photographs, videos or artwork, or from their legal representatives. Celeste Network as organizer is not and cannot be held responsible for any dispute among artists, other persons or third parties who might claim author’s rights over images of a work submitted in Taboo


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