Stenincontest_logoEntries are currently being accepted for the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest organized by Rossiya Segodnya for young photojournalists aged 18 to 33. Photographs can be submitted at up to April 15, 2015, in four categories: Top News, Current Issues, Sports and Everyday Life. The jury will award three prizes in each category as well as a Grand Prize. The winner of the Grand Prize, exhibiting the most mature and exciting work, will receive 500,000 rubles (` 7000 EUR).

The contest seeks to draw public attention to photojournalism and to support young photographers. It gives members of the global photo community the opportunity to reach a wider audience, support high standards in photojournalism, and establish documentary photography quality standards internationally.

Leading representatives of international photo community will sit on the jury, including the director of the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow (MAMM) Olga Sviblova, multiple winner and member of the World Press Photo Contest Yury Kozyrev and heads of the Reuters and Associated Press photo departments Grigory Dukor and Denis Paquin.

The award ceremony will take place in Moscow on 3rd June 2015.


A complete list of requirements can be found in the Contest Rules –

Entry Fee – No entry fee!

Image Specifications:

Entries can contain a single photograph or series of no more than 20 photographs.  Minor cropping, or balance (white balance) or density (brightness, contrast) correction is acceptable. Framed images, collages, photos that have been significantly photoshopped, with parts of the image edited, deleted or replaced with a different image, will not be accepted.

Photos will be uploaded in the JPG format. The acceptable compression will not exceed 10. The image is to be no less than 2,200 pixels and no more than 5,700 pixels by its longer side.

The file name must contain the serial number of the photograph, name and last name of the author, title and year it was shot, separated by underscores, for example: 01_Smith_James_The_Spring_2011. The name of the file must be given in Latin script. The file size must not exceed 20 Mb. The file must also contain all the EXIF data.

Entries are uploaded and stored by the participant on his or her personal page at STENINCONTEST.COM. Photos can be added or replaced until the participant submits the entry. After the entry is submitted, photos can no longer be added or replaced.

Photographs must have been taken after January 1, 2014. In exceptional cases, series of photographs started in previous years are accepted. In such case, the last photograph of the series must have been taken in 2014 or 2015.

A complete list of requirements can be found in the Contest Rules –


15 April 2015


-The Grand Prize winner will receive RUB 500,000 (five hundred  thousand).*

– The first place winner in each  category for an individual photo image or a  series of photo images will receive RUB 50,000 (fifty thousand).*

– The second place winner in each category for an individual photo image or a series of photo images will receive RUB 35,000 (thirty five thousand).*

– The third place winner in each category for an individual photo image or a  series of photo images will receive RUB 25,000 (twenty five thousand).*

– Contest sponsors may also offer additional prizes. *This section contains the amount of awards to be paid  to the Winners/Runners

*up after deduction of taxes according to the current laws of the Russian Federation.

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